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Road taxes "MAUT" in Germany from January 2005

The German authorities are going to charge road taxes from the 1st of January 2005 (LKW-Maut) for trucks with a total weight exceeding 12 tons, running on motor ways ”Autobahn”. These regulations are valid for all nationalities and for transit- as well as domestic transports independing on whether the trucks are loaded or not. The fee will be differentiated due to emission-levels from the motors and the axle load pressure of the vehicles.

The road taxes will be charged for transports to and from Germany and also on transits through Germany, which will have influence on the freight prices as a surcharge.
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The introduction of the MAUT tax has increased costs for transport through Germany, which has led to higher prices. The additional costs brought about by the MAUT tax are a distance related charge, cover for deadhead distance, administrative costs and liquidity costs.
Source: The Swedish International Freight Association

Information to our customers about the German road tax for heavy goods vehicles

From 1/10 as the MAUT extended to also apply to trucks from 7.5 tonnes. Previously the limit was 12 tonnes.

Information about MAUT

Maut 15.pdf

MAUT SystemPlus EUR.pdf

MAUT info.pdf

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