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The storage and distribution of chemical products often imposes greater demands for documentation compared to other products. TransFargo ensures that full traceability is possible at batch level. Through careful management, we are able to verify exactly which package was delivered to which customer. Hazardous goods are stored separately from other products and great attention is paid to the properties and fraction of the goods and the risks associated with them. This is to avoid contamination of the products or, in other words, to avoid the products' becoming contaminated in a way that cannot be remedied. TransFargo prints out hazardous goods documentation for products referred to as hazardous goods. We provide documentation in accordance with ADR/IMO/RID/IATA. More information on which products require hazardous goods handling is available in our database of MSDs (Material Safety Data sheets).

Some medicines contain API active substances. It is important that these are handled correctly. For that reason, TransFargo handles such products completely separately from other goods. In order to ensure quality and safety, we work according to HACCP, an internationally-accepted working method and quality programme, Good Distribution Practice (GDP) and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

When putting together and packing orders, we work according to the durability date and carry out simple sampling on products in IBC containers, barrels, cans and bags in order to verify that batches are still current. To minimise the risk of damaging the products, we always use the required protective equipment when taking samples.

TransFargo has extensive experience of managing transport and logistics with regard to chemical products and we are careful to comply with existing requirements. We guarantee the quality our customers require by means of careful management and a high level of reliability when it comes to deliveries.


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